More about Dad’s old bike



My Dad left me his sturdy old grey mountain bike

but I was too lazy to ever really use it

even with the best of eco intentions.

The spirit was willing.

So Maura, my very creative wife,

took it in for a striking display to her nursing home garden.

It was repainted by the gifted Julie in bright summery colours

and glamourised into a really fabulous artistic creation.

The magic of a woman’s touch.

Shank’s mare for me…..

Our Trip to Budapest

Budapest April 2018

My grandfather, John (Jack) Sheeran, always used to say to my mother:

“Start from the beginning and tell the whole story…..”

It was a trip of 4 days altogether.

Friday we flew out from Dublin Airport at 5am

And on Monday we flew back at 11am. All thanks to Aer Lingus

Our Hotel was nice. The Ibis in splendid Heroes Square. A very historic spot.

I had to get a room in a nearby hostel as Pauric could not tolerate 3 of us in a hotel room. The Baroque Hostel, also on scenic Heroes Square. We all need our own space at times.

Our Bus driver was Hungarian. Anne Caulfield was the excellent group leader.

We had 3 people in wheelchairs also.

The Sports Arena, an ideal size, was out of town a bit. In the countryside.

We went out there on Saturday night for a lovely celebratory meal and to meet the international competitors socially. A great atmosphere of joy.

Eric was the overall coordinator of the event. From Belgium. A visionary man.

And Atilla was the main Hungarian organiser. It was very well organised.

The Hungarian helpers were very nice and friendly.

Friday, after we arrived, we had a bus tour of the whole city with a brilliant guide called Susanna. The Buda part was especially beautiful. Very touristy.

The buildings and spaciousness of Budapest are magnificent.

What a history. A city which survived a lot.

Then, in the afternoon, we had a lovely hour long cruise on the Danube which gave great views.

We had a ramble in City Park on Saturday morning and visited the big colourful market and Dracula’s castle and then went back to the hotel as it was 27 degrees C. Very hot. Pauric chillaxed, as the kids say, in the hotel room with his IPad, while Maura and I went for a long ramble and got very disorientated but luckily found a Costa with lovely cheesecake just when all seemed lost.

The poverty in Hungary is immense. We saw a lot of very run down areas.

Unemployed people receive no free health care.

This was a holiday weekend for the locals as May 1st is a big day, harking back to the Communist era. Labour day when no one works except taxis.

Sunday, the big day of the competition, was even hotter up to 32 degrees C.

We had meals together at the hotel on Friday night and Sunday night which were lovely.

Brian Carroll and his team brilliantly organised and motivated the athletes who all did very well, thank God. My step son, Pauric, age 14, got a silver medal in Kumite. He was over the moon at this. A great achievement in self mastery.

Dillon, one of Pauric’s friend, age 15, got two golds, in another more competitive group. We were all delighted as Dillon lost his Mam to cancer last year.

Monday was difficult until we actually got on the plane. We were delayed leaving the hotel and there was what seemed like a long delay checking in and then a long wait to board but the lovely Barry’s Tea on the plane soon made up for all that. You would not get it with Ryanair!

We arrived home exhausted but very satisfied.

Overall, a great success, thank God.

Everyone seemed to enjoy it.






He Cares

He Cares

A woman was caught in adultery (John 8)

The hardline critics wanted to stone her

Jesus sighed deeply, from the depth of His Sacred Heart, and said:

“My friend, has no one condemned you?”

“Neither do I.”

But I am sure she sinned again

We all do…..

And we all have those rocks in our hearts

At least, I know I have.

That is why, this Mother Mary’s May, beautiful May,

I really pray we save the 8th

because Ireland now needs Loving Mercy

like never before,

even rapists need forgiveness,

Let’s make poor old Pope Francis welcome

He really cares and says “Who am I to judge?”

“Choose Mercy”

A Moment after Midnight

A Midnight Moment

Waking at midnight

The blizzard was howling outside

I thought of dying souls out there

A time of Mercy we will all need

Someone is rushing desperately in a busy blue-lit yellow ambulance

along treacherous white roads to hospital

No D Doc tonight

Our back garden is blanketed deep in clean white snow

The dogs are restless and bored

They have been cooped up too long now in the house


Lighting a fire, I sat and thought comfortably

Gazing into the flames of home made Love

Making a hot cup of tea

and something nice to eat

Something simple and Lenten

Storm Emma is wildly asserting herself now

Probably, another homeless man will be found in the morning


But, as Dad would say,

“It will all blow over”

Re: The Raheny 5

Big congrats to Pat and Dick Hooper and all the great team that organise the famous Raheny 5 mile race/walk every year on the last sunday of January.

It’s a tremendous social occasion always and very family friendly.

Very well and safely organised eg with excellent goody bags

Today was blessed with lovely, mild dry weather

Like the first taste of Spring

God bless the work