The Historic Coastal Rosary

Dollymount 3 o Clock


Walking energetically all the way to Our Lady’s statue

at the end of the Bull Wall. Freezing wind.

But the rain held off, thank God.

My friend, Paul Mc, is dragging along.

Sore foot

Sore mind too. Jesus, Mercy

My other old pal, Martin J, is already there with Mother Teresa’s sisters

praying the Rosary at the Dublin port statue

God bless the dockers of Dublin

(Matt Talbot worked near the docks too)

Star of the Sea. Mother of Welcomes.

We stop at the Happy Out café for a rest and a wee loo break

and to get a bit warm

Young yuppies chat and joke

and drink soup and hot chocolate

All around Ireland, many, many others are meeting to pray

At about 300 locations ringing the coast of Eireann

The National Coastal Rosary. A really historic moment

(Though many will not realize this)

Feast of Christ the King

The King of Love on Calvary

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